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Freedom! How can one NOT talk about the mirth of being free?!

Freedom is not merely a Principle or Right or Choice. It’s a feeling, an experience. You can be free in body and bonded by spirit – and if the bonding stifles you, rather than letting you express, then certainly, you are deprived of the essence of Freedom.

Flummoxed!?  😀

There are people capable of arresting another person’s action or word or even thought with a mere glance or gesture or facial expression – a perfect example of authoritarian approach. Here, the latter is held in virtual bondage.

There are others who probably don’t give chances to vent feelings, and when you do, put forth statements that distort facts, perceptions and end up scaping you. That restrains you from confronting them further.

Any person or relationship that stifles the right to speak your mind or that which always tries to victimise the person that you are is an encroachment upon freedom.

Yes, we have the right to be criticised for inappropriate talks or deeds or thoughts at certain times, but not all the time!

PS: Do give chances to people to realise how much Freedom means to you. But if they don’t learn to stop controlling, have your say, lead the life the way you would love to and simply ignore the rest! Don’t sacrifice your Freedom to someone else’s Will & Wish! Or else, in the end, you would regret having lost that precious feeling of being freeeeeeeeee !

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