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The alpha

The Alpha

Being an Alpha personality AND People-pleaser clearly don’t go together! And, that’s cause for dilemma when compassionate / empathetic folks are pushed by circumstances to don the Alpha Cape!

Taking responsibility for quite a lot many aspects in life, having to stand by people who desperately depend on you and yet, uncomplainingly accept every form of treatment meted out (fair or unfair) would be plain imagination!

Yes, the headstrong ones can easily confront people with set terms and conditions. Though the compassionate Alpha does take into consideration the mindsets of others, there’s only so much that a person can compromise his/her dignity for!

Alpha personalities are individuals who don’t just mind their own business but actually head families or firms (by choice or chance), and in turn, have to imperatively voice decisions, take action and brace themselves to face the after-effects, making them brutally honest, ruthless in dealings and obsessed with loyalty and good wishes of the few who understand and matter to them.

Contrary to their soft-hearted and pleasant nature (to the ones who really know them), they show the world amazing grit, resilience and no-nonsense attitude that come across as shrewd but which turn out as essential factors to make things happen and stand their ground, again, not for the personal self, but for the ones they’re responsible for!

PS: Next time you identify an Alpha around, beware the Territory you’re treading into!

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