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The challenge called LIFE

The Challenge Called LIFE

Life ain’t thrilling if it ain’t challenging!

To feel secure and complacent in one’s comfort zone is hardly exciting! I’m not sure if my notion is correct – but I reckon, many would rather confine themselves within the Cocoon of Habit , rather than break stereotypes and stroll the untrodden path. And worse, these very people discourage or look down upon those who muster enough courage to tread unknown territories!

No offence intended, but Life is worth living when it’s a journey of adventure and uncertainties. Yes, the ride would be bumpy, of course, but at the end of it all, the happiness and contentment derived therefrom is one of a kind. And, you would be leaving behind a mark of amazing grit and resilience! And the realisation that you held on against all odds makes you feel proud and surprised, at once.

Not to forget, most of those bumpy rides would make lonesome travelogues because hey, you are defying the Conventional, remember!?  😉 And, in case you happen to find someone (which would be rare, but still, if you’re that lucky) who shares similar kinda perspective, it would save the occasional self-doubts that are bound to creep in, and ease the turmoil considerably. Even otherwise, if your convictions are strong and performance focused enough, it should only be a matter of Time before the Universe conspires to see you through the ordeal!

PS: Just don’t give up on the Steadfast Spirit and join the commoners. Someone who thinks and lives differently (that consequently results in positive changes, of course) definitely deserves some Unique form of Success!

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