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The confounder

The Confounder

Yes, people can surprise you in ways unfounded; but can you seriously imagine being confounded by none other than Yourself?

Happens out of the blue, mostly. But when it does, you have this urge to revamp self-perception!

What one wishes to be or possess, and what one truly is, may at times be two different things. And, though we may work on moulding ourselves the way we wish, we have to accept the fact that our intrinsic traits reflect the real selves and basically characterise the way we are!

It would be more feasible to have anticipations and make preferences in sync with our innate attributes, rather than try to change the way we essentially are in an apparent effort to conform to conditions or people that don’t really adhere to our inherent characteristics. Because, it would then only be a matter of Time before we realise those efforts in vain and detrimental to personal convictions.

And, needless to say, you would then end up wondering how you could be unlike yourself. The truth is, every individual has a personality shaped by values, beliefs and attributes picked up along the course of life and when we happen to be jolted by circumstances that violate or challenge those, we start having second thoughts about our own demeanour.

PS: Nothing/No one is perfectly right or entirely wrong in the world. And, every person has the right to have his/her perceptions and beliefs. Be kind enough to accept all, and wise in making choices. And, there really is no point in accepting anything/anyone at the cost of your own beautiful self !

Let people confound you, but not YOUR OWN SELF!

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