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Values and ethics

Values And Ethics

Values & Ethics have never failed to confound me. Seriously! People with sort of conservative upbringing wouldn’t largely say life is easy. It isn’t easy because there’s this constant radar called Conscience that threatens to wave the red flag at the slightest (and unreasonably) ‘inappropriate’ statement, deed or even thought!

Sadly, but understandably, most of such folks develop anxiety, fear, diffidence and eventually an alarming dread of consequences that take a toll on their ultimate quest for happiness and contentment. Because, simple enough, they’re never going to be happy and content, citing the minutest pitfalls in their decorum as the cause for chagrin.

And worse, they can never find joy in others or accept people with their flaws. And, they become loners not by choice, but by default! Grief becomes their Habit and Joy is a mere Visitor!

Be kind to yourself. Realise errors, rectify them, make up your mind to change for your own sake and enjoy life and people as they come.

PS: Stop scrutinising every trifle. But let me add, at best, what lessons in Values can do to you is when you decide to throw all caution to the winds and immerse yourself in Indulgences Unlimited, and surprisingly realise that there really are Limits to how much your Inner Self can truly compromise! That would be a Revelation! And, That finally defines the Ethical personality that you are!


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