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A Tribute to friends

A Tribute To Friends

Friends, This is a tribute to you!

Before you, I’m not a doctor or counselor, and forget I’m a wife and mother,
Lost is my strength, as I meekly confess,
All inhibitions, fears, mistakes and more!
Love the way you say “We knew this was coming,
How could you be foolish/stupid/hopeless!?”
Never to judge me for the title roles I play,
You guys address me as a plain human form.
Very few in number – just one or two or three,
You are forever my reliable reverie!

How many times we’ve been caught up in turbulent grief that hurt
When we simply held hands and helped Unconditionally!
We never wished each other bend before the world!
None imagined us weak ’cause our lapses
Ended within ourselves, eternal lessons for life!

Every time we parted ways ’twas well-known
We were only so strong until we met up again!
Should life keep us apart, we’re aware deep inside,
Our pains are always mutual and so are our joys!

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