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Another Perspective of “The Kite runner” narrative!

Another Perspective Of “The Kite Runner” Narrative!

For You, a Thousand Times Over!

This touching statement by Hassan from Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’ epitomises love, commitment and unconditional giving up of the self in lieu of seeing someone happy and at peace.

The story, told from Amir’s perspective, ends on an optimistic note, with the ‘sly’ Amir en route to redemption finally, on having adopted Hassan’s orphaned child, thereby making up for all his ‘selfish thoughtless cruelty against Hassan borne out of sheer jealousy and cowardice’!

Try narrating the same tale from Hassan’s angle and no doubt, it would simply be tragic, to say the least!

For You, a Thousand Times Over ‘ sounds simple enough, but it has a deep connotation of genuine affection. Hassan would give up the world for Amir, but the latter never really reciprocated half that love. And worse, when Hassan was going through nightmarish torture, Amir would simply turn and walk away, praying that Hassan shouldn’t ever know, but he did!

True Love has a queer way of sensing the very thoughts of the object of one’s affection.

And yet, Hassan never complains, but simply walks away. Yes, he did walk away from the one to whom he had proclaimed a lifetime of commitment.

He might have been hurt the most to move away, never to return. Because he hadn’t made that kind of statement to anyone before and never would to someone else.

He might have wished to save his regard for his master, because he wouldn’t wish to believe that the latter could be cruelly unresponsive to his loyalty.

Maybe, he wished to save Amir the ignominy of his servant’s realisation about the dark and envious disposition that wouldn’t care to behold the pain of a committed friend without so much of remorse and always with justification for the alarming insensitivity!

And yet, in the end, Hassan did return because he would do it all over again, a Thousand Times, even it be unrequited love! Only this time, it turned out to be a decision that sealed his fate and shortened his happy family life!

A pang in the heart that truly disturbs human conscience and leaves us to ponder the meaning of love for all its worth!

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