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Friends are blessings, truly – the real, live ones in flesh and blood, not exactly the virtual ones! Pun intended!

Having said that, it’s ironic that people feel increasingly isolated while the world celebrates Social Media Hype. There are times when people make mistakes, fall into trouble, being subjected to abuse from unexpected quarters in most unfair ways and still smile through, putting up ‘senseless’ status updates and shutting themselves off from some ‘real’ company.

Try taking a break, meeting up with a close pal or some friends you feel at ease over a lunch or coffee date and it’s amazing how friends can literally see through the laughter and jokes. Before long, they become your armour of support, strength and resilience! And let me tell you, they may be the very ones whom you least bothered to care so far!

Every time I advocate compassion and generosity, there are many who perceive those notions as stupid precisely because the ones upon whom love and care are lavished upon may at times, turn out to be the most despicable ingrates! But I still say, we are humans. We never know anyone for sure. We need not ever regret for being kind, though life teaches us lessons of caution, especially regarding the KIND OF PEOPLE we let into our precious circle!

And, Nature is always Just! No word, deed or intention shall go unaccounted for. That’s exactly why from the most unexpected corners, we get help and solace and the sheer joy of getting our sorrows halved and joys doubled in presence of genuine good company is quite a Divine experience, folks, truly ! Nothing may change much, but the support system is awfully unsettling!

PS: Please do away with monotonous status updates and chats with virtual friends who may turn out to be ‘deadly traps’ lurking in the dark to push you farther down the dismal abyss of emotional manipulation. Instead, book a nice coffee or lunch table and call up some real friends for some serious opening up. It’s a whole deal worth it!

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