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Customised Happiness!

Customised Happiness!

At times we need to “customise happiness” as per individual aspirations, potential and life situation.

Just because someone has money, career or possessions that many aspire for, doesn’t really imply that he/she is happy.

Happiness is a state that is very much connected with the feeling of self-worth.

Self-worth is, in turn, dependent on a lot of factors:

  1. One’s environment of upbringing
  2. One’s environment of education and growth
  3. The natural flair one has towards literature, science, math, art, business or sport.
  4. The company a person has grown up with/continues to keep
  5. The work environment

Personalities differ too. Some of us are quite reserved, some love socialising, some feel content juggling between family & career, some others attain sense of fulfilment by dedicating their lives towards certain causes they believe in, or by simply following their passions…..

Here we observe subtle differences in the manner by which people can ultimately feel happy and at peace.

Just as we cannot insist quiet introverted folks to indulge themselves in animated socialisation, we cannot suggest creative or intellectual beings to shun ideas and be content with mundane lifestyle.

Happiness is seldom found by comparing oneself with another individual. The first step towards finding your ‘niche’ of happiness is by intentionally trying to understand and realise the kind of person that you are and what makes you feel good, satisfied and proud of yourself.

In a single word : Complacency!

Complacency is approving and admiring the way you live your life, making you feel worthy and dignified.

If every individual strives to achieve what he/she is truly worth, I would call that his/her unique road to happiness.

Sometimes you have to customise certain methods to suit your idea of happiness and help you achieve that state!

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