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Customised Happiness!

Customised Happiness!

At times we need to “customise tips for happiness” as per individual aspirations, potential and life situation. Confused? Here goes:

Every individual is born with certain limitations and talents. That is exactly why if someone has a flair for literature, another has great ideas about science or math or art and countless other ‘natural endowments’.

Talking about our society we find most folks feel contented with family & professional lives, others have active social lives, and still others may not feel at ease just with ‘homely and social commitments’ but would try to attain a sense of fulfillment following their passions too, which involve a greater use of intellect and creativity!

Here we observe subtle differences in the manner by which people can ultimately feel happy and at peace. Just as we cannot insist quiet introverted folks to indulge themselves in animated socialisation, we cannot suggest creative or intellectual beings to shun their ideas and be complacent with mundane lifestyle !

Complacency is good, but shouldn’t be at the expense of readiness to explore one’s full potential. If every individual strives to achieve what he/she is truly worth, the society in particular, and the country at large, would certainly get to witness the growth of a citizenry that more or less identify with their own selves!

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