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Enigmatic Love!

Enigmatic Love!

I really believe, one cannot understand the full import of Love if one doesn’t reflect deeply about it! And the deeper you think, the more mysterious it seems….

Love simply for the sake of its beauty, purity and Genuineness! And, the more you love people, the more difficult it becomes to express it. Because, no amount of expression would match up to the true feelings.

A person who’s basically loving by nature has an all-encompassing compassion, that knows no real hard feelings against anyone, even if it were incompatible folks. The most he/she can do to the latter is to keep a safe distance ! But beyond that, there wouldn’t really be any vengeful thoughts, deeds or words pointed towards them.

Simply because, a heart that loves genuinely can never settle for anything less. And that includes feeling so much beyond “narrow-minded notions of hatred or intolerance”. At worst, it chooses to ignore ONLY to preserve its own ingenuity! That’s exactly what makes Love a never-ending wholesomeness of Positivity !  😍

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