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Gems of the lot

Gems Of The Lot

To know the quality of relationships, just observe what kind of discussions happen among the people involved….

Should they be passing judgemental remarks about relatives, colleagues and other people around them, it would only be a matter of time before those allegations backfire and the seemingly ‘great’ relationship screws up, because by and by, these very people would be hurling accusations against each other.

Should they be constantly sniggering the society they live in, it wouldn’t be long before they end up feeling increasingly isolated and out of place! And, maybe out of favour too!

Should they be discussing ideas and ideologies, they wouldn’t just blend with the circumstances and citizens patiently, but would also persevere to bring about slow and steady wondrous changes for the place and people around them out of unconditional love and hope that their hearts hold out to mankind as a whole!

PS: The last of the lot would be true gems for the human race. And, they are the only ones who have created history and shall continue to be reverred till the end of Time!

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