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Himalayan Folly!

Himalayan Folly!

Yes, we don’t know yet who or what really led to the cold-blooded murder of the journalist cum activist Ms. Gauri Lankesh.

But should it be a cowardly intention of wiping out an ideology by eliminating a person from the face of the earth, I would like to laugh at the sheer stupidity of the intention!

Foolish, because Ms. Gauri Lankesh has become more famous by her death than all that work she had done when alive.

Foolish, because in 10 years’ time, tens or hundreds or thousands of Gauri’s (male and female) would raise their brave heads against such nepotism!

Foolish, because, come on yaar, when we talk about an ideology, we are actually talking about a form of Creative Thinking and who else but only idiots would reckon that Creativity can be destroyed by bullet-shots!!

Pity! And, shame!

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