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Honestly Simple!

Honestly Simple!

My take on the best way to be mentally healthy is : Keep life simple and honest!

Seriously! When I say ‘simple’ it implies the simplicity of the soul. We are all born innocent, no doubt on that count! As we grow up, the environment comprising our caretakers, peers and people whom we happen to deal with in different phases of life, leave lasting impressions which though we overlook as ‘no big deal’ actually matter quite massively in framing our perceptions about ourselves, others and life in general.

This is exactly why it is important that we remain grounded in basic attributes that positively describe our race – love, compassion, the will to forego and forgive and the understanding that each one of us is far beyond being judged by the rest! What ultimately matters is what we think about ourselves.

The next important factor is to be with people who share our ‘simplicity of soul’ motto. The age-old adage ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’ holds true to this day. A man is heavily influenced by the kinda company he has. Let us form circles of ‘broadminded tolerant’ groups that live and let live.

Honesty pertains to the complacency of our conscience. My favourite phrase that I remember my grandpa advised once is “Don’t waste time trying to convince creatures on earth, but never try to deceive your Conscience​ for long!”

Feel from the depth of your heart, express truly and selflessly and what you get in return, analyse, and either learn from it or just let go. But never compromise Genuineness for Falsehood, citing unfair treatment by others as the reason for changing the beautiful, real You!

PS: God has created each one of us in the loveliest human form. And when I say ‘lovely’ , the physical form matters the least. What I mean the most is the beauty of the human mind. It has amazing Love, Kindness, Strength of Will and the Wisdom of staying happy and shaping others’ happiness as well. Please don’t lose it!

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