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Inspire & Be Inspired!

Inspire & Be Inspired!

INSPIRATION is paramount to feeling alive and worthwhile, and can be anything – from a person to an event or a hopeful possibility in the future!

It is the drive that leads us on to wake up a little brighter, work a little harder, dream a little happier and sleep a little more contently and hopefully!

If nothing inspires a person, he would understandably slip into having negative notions and self-doubts. And, the worst part is, it eventually makes him antagonistic not just to himself or immediate members of the family or workplace, but also to the society as a whole. Which is probably why we hear incidents of senseless killings or sabotage carried out by ‘inexplicably disturbed minds’!

It is important to feel inspired and keep inspiring. After all, what is Life beyond a never-ending potpourri of joys and sorrows, success and failure, dreams that blossom and shatter, all of which ought to inspire us towards greater exploration and resilience !?

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