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Judge thyself!

Judge Thyself!

Agreeing and Accepting are two different things. At times, we happen to come across folks who find it difficult to accept other people just because they “don’t” agree with the latter! That’s Intolerance!

There’s a massive population out there whose lifestyles, beliefs, habits and lots more don’t conform the least to what one may deem as “agreeable”. But that’s clearly an “individualized perspective”.

Acceptance is a very broad concept in which case you respect people “despite” their differences from what YOU consider “appropriate”. Always remember – What’s appropriate for one person maybe inappropriate for another.

It’s easy to fly with birds of the same feather. But what makes Life worthwhile is when you have a heart huge enough to accommodate the whole human race.

Because, the ultimate truth remains that ALL people irrespective of their gender, nationality, customs and life situations belong to the esteemed genre called HUMANITY and each one of us ought to give space and embrace every other individual unconditionally!

Yes, there are some ideologies, moral values and ethics which one chooses to follow, or not follow! But that’s completely a personal choice. It never really means one need insist the entire society to follow (or not follow) the same.

It would do a world of good if people in our society turned less judgemental towards others’ choices, solely because we agree or disagree to a certain code of conduct or a set of beliefs. Of course if one does propound something which is glaringly detrimental to common good, it would be a matter of concern.

Otherwise, if it’s simply something that has only personal implications in the life/lives of the person/people involved, why should the rest of the world bother to pass verdict on the apparent “righteousness” of the act?

Who are we to judge anyway?

Worse still,  it would mean a serious encroachment upon personal freedom and defiance of the rights of others. Every human being is born free and is accountable for his/her words, deeds and thoughts. He/she enjoys the pleasure or faces the consequences of what each sows. That’s the Law of Nature!

Leave people to Nature’s Designs and try to take responsibility or pass judgements on one’s own mindful thoughts, physical indulgences and soulful expeditions.

Because, that would offer enough food for thought for an entire lifetime anyway!

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