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Learn Creatively!

Learn Creatively!

Learning and creativity are interdependent. And once you are hooked onto them, they enrich you for a lifetime. A learner cannot help being creative. And, a creative person constantly learns something new.

Learning is an experience. Or should be one. If it isn’t, then there’s some problem with the way you have been taught. Once the student is inspired to have this ardent quest for knowledge, he is assured of a never-ending joy! Which, in turn, can probably save him a lot of possibility of falling into apparent tiresomeness from the mundane goings-on in life.

Humans are exciting creatures, who are on the lookout for excitement to keep life going. And, justifiably so! Man has progressed in leaps and bounds because of countless inventions and discoveries that quench his thirst for adventure, but only for a short period, before he is onto the next journey for more challenging ventures. And, the journey continues….

Creating on your own or discovering something never known before gives this sense of fulfillment that cannot be put into words. It’s YOUR signature that stays even when you have left the world! It would give you that sense of accomplishment on achieving a purpose for your existence. And who knows? It may even leave behind a legacy that inspires your kids, other kids and generations thereafter too!

Live to create and learn. And, try taking a sabbatical from the usual chores in pursuit of creative and scholarly happiness. The contentment that emanates therefrom is a singular feeling


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