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Never play with Trust!

Never Play With Trust!

TRUST is the five-letter word that means the World to any Relationship on earth!

How would you explain the innocent look in the eyes of children as you hold and play with them, gift things and cuddle them endlessly? Words, gestures and even the gaze or glare that you address them with sent instant messages to their brain regarding ‘friend or foe’ attitude!

It’s human instinct to feel safe in the company of someone when you trust him/her, implying absolute comfort of mind, body and intellect sharing time and ideas with that special person/people.

Yes, Trust is a lot more than blind belief. It’s a beautiful convergence of so many attributes like Reliability, Confidentiality, Understanding and Interdependency that mutually enhance human growth and happiness!

Trust more and suspect less. And, once we earn someone’s trust, let’s not forget how precious it is. And, keep it well, because, just like all good things, it’s hard to find and harder to retrieve when lost!  🤗

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