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Solace in Art!

Solace In Art!

Strange are the zones of solace for a person deeply indulged in Art. For, a matter as trifling as the fall of a leaf, the trickle of a raindrop or the hoot of a breeze inspires myriad emotions in the deepest recesses of the Soul!

And a creative person finds miracles in seemingly commonplace experiences, and yet, I must specially mention the mystic ambience in the little-known but strangely-enriching Thunchanparambu at Tirur, the birthplace of Thunchathezhuthachan, the father of the endearing Malayalam language. Ironic that the native place of the Scion of literature in God’s own Country should be accorded little prominence in the tourism map.

The museum with a wholesome gallery of literary giants from Kerala (who have richly contributed to Indian literature, and the country having acknowledged some of their excellence with the bestowal of Jnanpith Award, the highest recognition in the literary field), the histories of traditional art forms, the library that stands apart with collections of manuscripts, the little temple that beckons tranquility, the lovely cottages that adorn every writer’s imagination and the giant nux vomica tree which lent asylum to the great Ezhuthachan to create his compositions – each has a story to tell !

What more can a literary buff ask for except an ardent prayer to the Heavens above for some Divine Creative Bliss that serves to appreciate and proliferate the timeless aesthetics of this nuanced art form called Literature for the remainder of a fulfilling life!?

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