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The Apple of our eyes!

The Apple Of Our Eyes!

Children are sheer joy for the eyes and pleasure in the hearts. Can’t imagine how one simply CANNOT notice those little hands and feet, fingers and toes clinging onto us and finally outgrowing the hold to be on their own!

They know no nationality, no colour, no race, no religion! They are far too young to comprehend what the said terms are all about. And, too innocent to really care!

Doesn’t that make us grownups pause and think for a while – about whether we REALLY need to care a damn regarding the region we come from, the language we speak, the colour of our skin and the ideologies we follow? How do all those make any difference in accepting our basic human selves!?

Don’t our kids smile, talk sweet gibberish and extend curious fingers to poke at noses, feel many cheeks and stare with shining eyes to watch reactions of anyone and everyone around them?! There’s no “we” and “they” for them. They believe all to be “us”. Kids simply know no harm or mistrust.

How wonderful it would have been if their beliefs were true! When the basic human self knows no vices, ain’t it sad to watch that innocence lost by and by!?

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