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The Artist

The Artist

Just the other day when I happened to look out the bus window at the dusky sky, I was literally struck with wonder and awe at the palette of colours the setting sun had strewn across the heavens !

Couldn’t help soliloquising, “God! What an outstanding Artist You are!”

And then, my mind galloped like a wild horse and kept musing about the Wonderful Epitome of Love, Beauty, Grace and Mercy!

Laughed inside as I teased Him “You must be the very Personification of Romance, Chivalry, Humour and Art. Ah! The one who perceives You as being judgemental to these preferences would only be too foolish! ”

Winking at Him up in the skies, I truly wished “Had humans actually perceived that we all lay beneath the same starry skies, they would always remember that there exist no boundaries, no limits, no transgressions apart from what we make up in our narrow minds! “

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