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The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner

Don’t really get it when people presume the wife to be someone who OUGHT to be looked after by the husband, even if she has a job of her own and the couple has a mutual understanding of how they got to live a life together.

Indian men have been prejudiced by the society to feel ashamed if the wife happens to earn better or maybe she’s the breadwinner of the family. Today, there are women who proudly take care of entire families, spend for the kids’ education, and build homes, careers, future!!

All that people should really bother is about Love. So long as there’s moral support, any woman would go to any length to make her family happy. The only thing that makes the difference is being surrounded by people who understand. No one would like to serve a bunch of indifferent ingrates, of course! So there!

PS: Having material possessions isn’t exactly a measure of happiness. Being among people who truly realise our worth and pitch in to help us whatever way they can is what makes lives a lot easier to live! At the least, speak a kind word. At worst, refrain from hurting folks!

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