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The Couple!

The Couple!

Hey guys, you gotta earn, house, clothe, feed the entire family – distant and near and take the blame for shortcomings, deficiencies and insufficiencies…..

What say!? No!? Then you quite aren’t THE man….

And ye ladies, keep the house spic and span, cook dish after dish, rear child after child, speak in the softest tone to the shrewdest family member and of course, it’s a bonus if you can earn as well and…..if your kids turn out below par the clichéd expectations, and the family members are ‘discontented’ with your ‘unmannerly’ ways, well…..bear the brunt!
Because, put simply, you aren’t quite THE woman!

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Millennial Generation! Here, relationships matter beyond male-female bracketed roles. One has a job, the partner maybe jobless (don’t care who works outdoors/indoors, and who stays home sans job), the money is neither yours nor mine (it’s ours), what one can’t support financially can pretty much make up with solid moral support and there’s little room for blame game and taking things for granted. Our dreams, hopes and ambitions transcend boundaries and in the process, if we happen to tarnish ‘images of ideal prejudiced notions’ and let people’s pride take the back burner, please don’t take offence – do excuse us ‘arrogant’ millennials!!  😷

PS: We honestly do love, care, trust, respect, uphold bonds, take responsibility for friends, families, kids, but the fact is, each individual has unique ideas, thoughts, goals, feelings, and ways of going about doing stuff (that is beyond any gender-centric crap) and we celebrate our Uniqueness to enhance the spirit of Togetherness (as a couple, parent, friend, family member, and as lots more!) And, that’s the Only Plain Truth!

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