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Forever young!

Forever Young!

Working among students is always a very relaxing proposition.

There isn’t a better time spent than those moments with youngsters as their bubbly spirit, light-hearted talks, vibrant enthusiasm of going about tasks, eyes that gleam with childish delight and the happy-go-lucky attitude soothe our adult, stressful minds!

Age figuratively gets reversed as we come to terms with varied life situations, sweet and sour, and also realise quite surprisingly that we attain so much of inner joy and peace purely by smiling, belittling many of the “unforgivable and unforgettable” words, moving on without regrets and memories of pleasure partaken from the simple joys of life! Just like the way kids do – everyday, every moment!

Never really looking forward with anxiety or dwelling on the past with forlorn, kids marvellously live in the present and relish their company, experiences, jokes and games with aplomb, foregoing any bitter incidents in the process!

What finally remains is an exemplary picture of contentment and acceptance that ACTUALLY form the crux of any happy living. Just watching children and their curious ways can heal many an ailing heart!

May God bless our youngsters and keep them from harm and hurt! Simply because they basically are a treasure-trove of endless love, care, hopes and dreams…. 😍 😘

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