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The formidable combo!

The Formidable Combo!

Honesty and Courage form a formidable combination! What makes humans a lot different from Nature’s other Creations/Creatures is pertaining to the matter of Choice. The right to choose demands responsibility and reasoning, the twin factors that determines the logic behind Man’s Choices! That is exactly why it is not always wise to opt for what ONLY gives us pleasure.

It would be quite unbelievable if someone brags about having made ALL the right choices in life. Just as it would be hard to believe if someone quips about being honest all along!

There are times when we would ‘humanly’ choose lies or be dishonest. And, for the ones who conscientiously strive to uphold Truth and Righteousness, it is needless to say that they wouldn’t be able to live likewise for long. Here is where Courage comes into play!

To admit having made mistakes and brace oneself to face the consequences is never easy. Especially in the light of the fact that many would rather cower away from bringing one’s actions to Justice and walk around masquerading as ‘decent, straightish’ folks. To all those men and women who would bravely come out, speak aloud about what they’ve done (or not done) and face the resultant adversity in the eye, I would respect that kind of grit and opine about giving them chances.

Because, imagine a life filled with just Lies and Cowardice. That clearly wouldn’t be one ever worth living for!

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