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The “impracticality” of Compassion

The “impracticality” Of Compassion

Had the most generous and compassionate people that we know chosen to be “practical or realistic” they wouldn’t have done half or even a quarter of what they’ve done for the world or for the rest of humanity!

If we try to tag smartness with too much of practicality, or worse, if we try to train our kids likewise, it wouldn’t be long before the world deprives itself of a citizenry that genuinely cares or feels for others, an attribute that is imperative to promote tolerance and inspire us to embrace mankind as a whole, rather than compartmentalising affection towards just individuals or certain groups/sects of people.

Indulging in a tirade of humiliating statements towards benevolent folks by labelling them as “unpractical/unrealistic morons” or as “the ones who play games eyeing ulterior motives” or by casting them aside with “serves them right” sarcasm if at all they had had the misfortune of being deceived by unscrupulous beneficiaries, is quite appalling, to say the least!

Being practical/realistic needn’t always be the wise or even the right choice. And yet, most times, what actually sets human beings apart from the rest of the living creatures is the ability to see/feel beyond the realm of that which one stands to gain/afford.

Let us not hesitate to forego some of our wealth, energy and time if only to restore someone else’s happiness/peace/worth! That would perhaps be the Only Hope left for someone or maybe for many out there!

In case we can’t bring ourselves to shake off the “realistic practical bubble”, never mind! Let’s at least think twice before belittling others’ kind deeds!

On a personal note, I used to be kind and generous to folks and still am…

But, I have to admit, having had to acknowledge both appreciation and humiliation for the same, second thoughts cropped up about “who” or rather “to what extent” I could be generous!

Not that I would expect anything in return for causes/people that I stand for from the bottom of my heart, but you know, the Soul does get hurt sometimes!

And, a human being is the embodiment of mind, soul and body and I believe Nature or God has endowed each person the responsibility of taking care of his/her own whole self. If not oneself, then who else?

So I changed a little – for ME, in that I have become cautious. Neither insensitive nor indifferent; just being careful! For, unless we feel safe and at ease deep inside, we simply can’t help others or even ourselves tide through the Sea of Life. And, anyone or anything that happens to question our credibility need to be dealt, not with meanness or indifference, just Caution!

Because, nothing really positive comes out of being mean to others or ignoring people, even the ones who don’t share our kind of perspective or regard. So choosing to retort the way we have been treated by some is seriously silly and meaningless.

So, I still do pitch in to help folks, but the moment I happen to be at the receiving end of unbecoming demeanor, I keep distance. Simply because, Empathy and Understanding are too precious to be labelled as “Games” played to attain “vested interests”.

And let me say, no matter what, Life shall always continue to harbour so much more of love, labour and enlightenment. So keep trusting in the goodness of your spirit and keep doing what you believe in and most of the time, that’s all that truly matters in the end!

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