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The Submissive Lot

The Submissive Lot

The general perception that women (esp. Indian) are supposedly submissive is more or less true. Yes, in love, loyalty, filial implications and so-called social norms, we may don the role of being the ones who yearn to appease. And, I’d say it doesn’t really hurt at the end of the day to make a few sacrifices to make our loved ones happy. But not, ALWAYS! And, certainly not at the cost of one’s own joy and peace of mind in the long run! A word of caution: Don’t let the ones you love get habituated to your ‘appeasement’ mode.

To start with, submissiveness is not exactly a weakness. It’s the regard we have for someone to such an extent that we would only be glad to forego so much to make that someone feel at peace and joy, though it be just a trifling deed or word. It is a privilege we give to perhaps very few people who really matter!

It would be unfortunate if those ‘special’ ones start taking things for granted and under extreme circumstances, use most hurtful words or behave most indecorously. And, if it starts happening too frequently (because by now, they would have begun feeling assured of your coming back over and over again  I’d say to contemplate the situation for a final decision of letting go! Seriously, has any one told you that being submissive requires more strength of will than letting go? At times, Letting go simply rejuvenates and lends you inexplicable solace!

PS: Better still, it would be nice to have a mutual understanding of how much you would willingly concede. And then again, yes, the “unconditionality” myth would be busted

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