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“Unconditionality” is a myth. Everything is conditional in the world – in the Law of the Universe! They say a mother’s love for her child is unconditional. Try watching the mother when the child grows into a spoilt brat and you can hear her hurling curses! There are mothers who show favouritism towards certain kids in their brood. Parents discreetly or otherwise keep reminding children of the ‘countless and still counting’ sacrifices they have made for the sake of their apparent secure future! And the list goes on!

In the practical sense, being unconditional is probably sort of “mythical perfection”.

In short, Conditionality is the essence of the Justice norm, whether it is in the human perspective or in the sense of Nature’s Law, the subtle difference between the two being in the matter of opportunities given for rectification or tolerance. And, while human preferences need not necessarily be fair enough, the ever-Just Lord (or Nature) bides its own Time before conditionally bestowing fortunes or misfortunes!

Having said that, there are certainly NO ‘unconditional’ relationships! Relationships last so long as mutual love, understanding, care & concern exist. If it’s just one of the two who keeps giving and giving, while the other is indulged in taking and taking, it’s only a matter of Time before all ties snap!

PS: If anyone gives you an oath of “unconditional affection” please don’t take it for granted. More importantly, don’t make nonsensical “unconditional” statements. No one’s going to believe you anyway!


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