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Watch the River Let Go!

Watch The River Let Go!

The gurgling river is never quiet, yet there’s a “soothing quietude” even in its flow!

Such is the Power of a “Thinking/Thoughtful” Speaker and Doer.

And, when one speaks or does something, one really ought to think. Because the impact that is consequently framed is enormous. And, Honesty becomes a necessity when you choose to think aloud. If you don’t mean it, then don’t say/do it.

Just as troubles are halved through heartfelt soothing talks, problems are just as easily multiplied by blaming, gossiping, manipulating or even by modulating the tone of speech from the ‘calm’ mode to a ‘yelling & hollering’ one.

Some people say and do what they really don’t mean at heart. Some others speak and act ONLY when they actually mean it!

And as human beings, no one possibly can reckon everyone else “exactly” as is known between him/her and the Lord above.

And that is specifically why at the end of the day, there is a prayer/thought which you might like to follow:

“May the Lord/ the Cosmos take care of each person and his/her doings.”

Thereby, neither are you being ungrateful to the ones who meant well nor are you bothered about someone’s ill intentions or doings, if any. Plus, you would try being more conscientiously responsible for what you do or speak to others. Smart, eh!?

Some matters are better let go not just for the sake of others, but for own selves as well!

Because, the important thing finally is: even in the face of a storm, the River shouldn’t overflow its banks to lose the “tranquil essence of its flow”.

Just like the way we would prefer our thoughts and speech STAY in the enchanting flow of “soothing solace”, no matter what kind of people we happen to encounter!

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