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How Prof. Stephen Hawking epitomised grit!

How Prof. Stephen Hawking Epitomised Grit!

Professor Stephen Hawking clearly didn’t just live a life. He lived a life of grit and commitment not to prove to himself, but also to every other human being on earth what POWER Man possibly has WITHIN!

None of us has the choice of the exact form or shape of the kind of body we are born with. But, the kind of mindset that drives each one of us for the remainder of our lives is left to one’s own choice.

Which, in turn, brings us to the all-important question: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MY LIFE?!

Professor Hawking had a clear perspective on that one:

Every human birth MUST have a purpose for its existence. And, among all creatures on earth, the only living being that can PLAN & EXECUTE ITS WILL is homo-sapiens. And it is this purpose that lends us grit and courage!

Having said that, it would be very sad and unfortunate if a person doesn’t realise this massive truth about the beauty of human birth. A life lived devoid of goals is one wasted without exploiting the powerhouse of potential that lies waiting to be tapped!

Professor Hawking literally lived out Mahatma Gandhi’s statement, “My life is my message.” Geniuses like him take birth very rarely in the lifetime of us common folks, and we are grateful to have lived to witness his greatness, his humility, his kind of determination, and zest for knowledge and curiosity.

Thank you, Professor Hawking, for having shone like the brightest star in our empty lives!

For showing us how high we can actually rise in the face of adversities, without complaining about circumstances.

For making us feel ashamed and belittled by the enormity of your achievements, despite that serious  nervous disorder you have had to live with almost an entire lifetime!

And, for inspiring us to emulate atleast a fraction of the lessons you left us to imbibe from!

You shall sorely be missed!!

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