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Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” Message!

Stan Lee’s “Superhuman” Message!

Having grown up reading Marvel Comics, the Amazing Spiderman in particular, what struck me the most about Stan Lee characters was the “ordinariness” of those characters.

They are particularly inspiring for children given the fact that they actually lend wings of strength and hopes for coming out bold and brave, no matter how shy, introverted or reserved kids are.

Many kids, especially into adolescence, start having doubts about self-esteem and self-regard. Stan Lee characters are tailormade to inspire those introverted, reserved spirits and shine like rainbows in the skies, spreading smiles on faces that were used to peering into grey pessimistic glares of grown-up folks!

They try to convince us one needn’t necessarily be loud, proper and popular with the masses to feel good and do good. Clumsiness and nerdiness are okay too. All that actually matters is the spirit of virtue within the soul and the fire to stand against vices on the planet.

Given the age that we live in where terrorism and intolerance are rearing their ugly heads, a passing glance into the lives of many anti-social elements of our society reveal dark episodes of apparent neglect, shame and withdrawal of proper care by family members, teachers or peers that subsequently grow into a general feeling of hatred and revenge against the world!

What if there were people, atleast one person, in the life of a wayward human soul who had had taken his/her hand, looked into his/her eyes with kindness and conveyed the language of love and hope!? There are many out there who yearn for the same!

Agreed that “web-hanging” and “Hulk-kinda strength” are wishful thinking, but what Stan Lee and his team told the many “lonely, rejected, inadequate” souls was that they were never alone in their fight to fit in.

And THAT is no small task.

Stan Lee graced our planet with eternal messages of Virtue, Strength and Hope!

He shall forever be remembered in our “superhuman” spirits!!

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