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E-learning : Boon or Bane?

E-learning : Boon Or Bane?

In this age of Technological boom, e-learning has placed knowledge right at our fingertips, no matter where we are and at what time of the day we wish to study. Literature, Science, Math, Geography, History – you name it; we have it on the display screen of our tablets or phones at the swipe of our fingers. Just one smart device and some nominal charge for internet connection would take us from the primary level of learning to even college education!

E-learning doesn’t differentiate between a slow learner or a studious one because it helps set up an individualized pattern according to the pace of every student. It doesn’t even matter what our life situation is or how old we are, and is an affordable option for people who can’t meet expenses to purchase lots of books or enroll for tuition or coaching classes.

Online learning provides us with an audio-visual treat and 3-dimensional perception that help us comprehend concepts in a much better way. We can take tutorials not only from Indian teachers, but also from people belonging to different parts of the world. This helps us get to know different cultural backgrounds that make us feel like global citizens. We also get to divide study timings as per our convenience. Literally, no more carrying around books and bags – just sit, stand and walk while learning!!

Yet, online learning tempts one to browse through various subjects on a superficial level,rather than going into deep study. This practice, in turn, leads to insufficient understanding of certain basic concepts which might affect our advanced learning. This is because most online courses do not follow a structured pattern or work assessment. So some students fail to meet the expected standard of education.

Also, using technology has its own issues like slow internet connection, power shortage crises and cyber security concerns. If learners use e-learning software, they require devices that are only compatible with that software which is quite a costly investment, at least initially.

Communication via human connections is a different pleasure. It cannot be substituted by electronic devices in which computer proficiency is essential. Sharing ideas with friends, playing with them during break-time, spending some time with nature and listening to encouraging talks from elderly teachers develop social skills and empathetic approach. We cultivate mutual respect and take responsibility for our actions and become better individuals through human connections.

Speaking of health issues, prolonged screen time and sedentary habits eventually lead to dry eyes and obesity. Unhealthy sitting postures cause backache and stiff neck too. When bored with studies, students play online games and watch inappropriate stuff that could lead them to bad ways or unhealthy lifestyle. Online addiction has been lately categorized as a mental disorder.

In short, e-learning can either shape us into brilliant personalities or can degrade us to lazy and indifferent individuals, depending on our responsible usage & proper supervision of students by adults!

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