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England’s Rose!

England’s Rose!

DIANA – I was literally obsessed with this five-lettered name during my early teens. She was everything a girl would dream of growing up into, particularly considering her grace and elegance as a lady! And for her compassion too, as I later knew.

Much has been described truthfully as well as rumoredly, about her not-so-fairy-tale life! I don’t really care much about the intimate aspects of someone else’s life! But currently, I’m exactly at that age when she died. And whatever I couldn’t fathom about her in my adolescent mind, looking back now, I guess my womanly mind empathises with her much more distinctly!

Most women – rich or poor, royal or non-royal, boss or employee – emotionally crave for two things : genuine love and security borne out of experiencing that genuine affection! It’s not about the riches she might possess or the bodyguards who might accompany her; what a woman inherently values is the companionship that appreciates her femininity and understands the need to guard her from obtrusive situations or people!

If ever a woman experiences dearth of love or understanding and feels her progeny’s or her own positive growth be threatened – physically, mentally and/or emotionally – she wouldn’t mind throwing caution to the wind and taking things in her stride, ALONE! And yet, in the darkest cover of the night and in the most solitary moment of the day, some women would still yearn for that man who might be MANLY enough to bestow upon her love and care with courage and understanding.

Diana seemed to be on an eternal quest for the same! If only she had known ….
• That she was truly worthy of feeling complete all by herself,
• That she need not have sought LOVE, but it would have found her by and by,
• That she was so magical as a person that the men whom she had ‘high regard’ for never really could fathom the beauty of her soul,
• how incredibly well she had de-stigmatised notions about AIDS patients, and how powerfully she had portrayed her concern for the homeless and the needy and people suffering from perils of landmines, starvation, diseases, poverty and so much more, making her a personification of Compasssion!

I loved her. I still do! And I always miss her for what she missed to know about herself – A GEM!

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