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Why Should Career Guidance Begin From High School Level?

Why Should Career Guidance Begin From High School Level?

Career plays a huge role in a person’s happiness and well-being. Imagine having to slog 9-to-5, 6 days a week, doing something which makes you unhappy and regretful!

Every morning you wake up to the bitter truth that you have chosen a wrong career. And every night you go to sleep, thinking it is too late to switch to a different career – haunted by fear, anxiety, insecurity and helplessness.

One of the main reasons many people tend to end up in careers that don’t fit them is because they weren’t sure early on in life about what their natural inclinations were. And were ignorant of the kind of jobs that tailor to their interests and evoke life-long passion in them.

This is exactly why it would be a great idea to impart career guidance and awareness among school students, starting from the high school level itself.

Children are naturally inquisitive to know about the plethora of jobs and opportunities they can look forward to in life.

Haven’t you seen little children imagining themselves to be truck drivers, nurses, doctors, pop singers, artists, astronauts – and what not!?

By the time they reach high school, they would more or less identify themselves to particularly like some subjects, and have a dislike to certain others. Knowing about various careers and the skills required to excel in each, helps a child get an idea about where his future lies.

This, in turn, helps him/her set goals, study and learn with renewed interest and zeal.

Unfortunately, things don’t happen this way most of the time.

Why do we see so many students turning listless and disoriented as they reach higher classes?

Some of them complain of feeling ‘bored’ and ‘devoid of purpose’ during late adolescence and early adult years. The danger of feeling this way lies in increased chances of falling into bad company, crime, drugs, etc.

To a certain extent, such unfortunate events can be avoided by opening the doors of career opportunities and exciting endeavours to pursue that lend a sense of purpose and perusal of growth.

Parents and teachers have a remarkable role to play, since they are closest to children.

Sadly, many of them have prejudiced notions about what a child ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ take up – or rather, what a child is ‘good’ and ‘not good’ at.

Contrary to forcing adult opinions and beliefs upon a growing child, encourage him/her to explore what the world has to offer with an open mind. Let the innate talents and potential be instigated to reveal themselves and grow outside the confines of limiting beliefs and systems.

Only then can we rejoice in watching the growth of a citizenry that pursues varied interests and take on life’s journey of doing great work with great love!

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