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Stay grounded in spirit!

Stay Grounded In Spirit!

Cacophony is neither a solution nor an alternative. It simply contradicts harmony in life!

And when I say cacophony, it would mean anything from the noises around us to the chaos of ideas and thoughts of the mind.

You can really be in a crowd and CHOOSE to be irritated by the glaring sounds or looks or comments around you OR you can be in a world of tranquility even in their midst. It’s just a matter of the state of YOUR mind!

You can be appreciated for a job well done OR criticized for a task gone awry, but actually, both situations could be faced with equally serene temperament.

More importantly, CREATING cacophony reasonably or unreasonably is sure short cut to Total Mayhem. Unless you are someone who is deliberately on the lookout to create discord in not just your own life but also in the lives of others, I would call that option “sub-average”.

If one really can manage to pluck the petals AND thorns with equanimity, I would call that an achievement. Because not only does it surprise the subject about how marvelously the self has evolved in attaining equilibrium, but it also reflects an ever-enigmatic facet of the personality to friends and foes alike. And it’s one hell of an attractive attribute!

There is nothing more beautiful than being grounded in disposition. And nothing can make you happier and contented too!

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