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No parent “owns” their child!

No Parent “owns” Their Child!

Nature has its way of ensuring sustenance of every living species through the procreation of progeny/offsprings. Man’s case is no different!

Speaking of which, it would be totally illogical and unnatural if parents try to “own” children just because of having a role in their upbringing!

Every birth has been predestined by natural laws! Parents merely serve as the MEDIUM to bring life into existence. “Medium” does not imply “Ownership”. It is the right of every human being to have his/her freedom of choice! We train, we teach, and what our children finally do or how they turn out is ultimately a matter of their decisions. Their freewill!

An individual is accountable only for his/her own thoughts, actions and words. There’s a limit to how much one can control another person’s life matters.

The very desire to “control” someone else’s life is an intimidating proposition. Giving room or space to others, especially if they be our family members or friends, forms the foundation for meaningful bonds. All else, more or less, abound to failed relationships!

Being parents, just as we consider our children’s healthy upbringing as a matter of personal responsibility, we have to bear in mind that they are individuals with personalities “different” from ours. It’s natural! We certainly have to learn to respect the individuality of each child!

We may voice our dissent, if any, but we cannot “insist” especially once they become adults. They have bodies and minds of their own which, whether we like it or not, ought to be “accepted realistically”.

Their birth was Nature’s Way and they are bound to lead free lives just as any other living being on earth. Nature gave parents the “privilege” to nurture and that’s about all! Once they reach the stage of adulthood, let go of them!

Encroachment upon their natural right to freedom is sort of a crime and taking lives of children in the name of “honour” is frighteningly insane and pointless to the core!!

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