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Three factors that lend meaning to life!!

Three Factors That Lend Meaning To Life!!

Life is a “surprise gift” that has been bestowed upon us by Nature/Cosmic Power, the birth and death of which we really have no choice.

The energy that sustains Life is the same that sustains countless other beings and bodies in the Universe.

We are therefore One with this Universal Energy, and yet we are allowed to have individual choices that make or break this responsibility, this one chance that each gets to live – and that’s what makes one person’s life different from another.

Here are three tips to help appreciate this marvel called Life that each is endowed with:

  • Know your beginnings. Know where you stand.

Understanding the beginning is a pre-emptive move we ought to make towards a better understanding of where we are headed.

The household we are born into, the living environment we are brought up in are conditions over which we cannot control, more or less.

But as we grow up into independent individuals, we ought to analyse the strengths and limitations of our current scenario and utilize the former to our advantage while taking steps to overcome the latter.

Accept whatever circumstances we’ve had to endure during our upbringing for better or for worse, and then steer our lives towards a course that’s not just best for us but also makes our society a little better place to be in!

  • Have a goal or target ahead.

For some, Life is apparently a “mundane flow” that offers no special excitement or mirth. They seem NOT to care to find a purpose.

Life is well-lived if it ends on a better note than where it had started off. We might start appreciating this one-of-a-kind gift ONLY if we realise what the unique purpose of our existence is.

One that begins on a really rough terrain, yet leaves behind a legacy reflects the perseverant struggle and the hopeful patience that the person had put up with! It’s never easy. But it’s totally worth it!

  • Be assured that we are part of a huge cosmic family.

This should make us realize that each one of us is at once Everything & Nothing!

There is so much of power within every person because of this universal energy flow that courses through the essence of  one’s being.

Whatever one wishes, one can. “The Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, as Paulo Coelho famously put it.

And then again, no matter what one has achieved and what status one is in, every individual is still just a teeny-weeny bit of this massive Universe.

Which is why while revelling in fame and fortune, think many times before donning an “armour of arrogance” that nullifies one’s actual worth.

Because no matter how “big” we think we are, we form just a tiny speck!

Once we ruminate on these three factors, life would seem much more meaningful, and easy to live.

Don’t you agree?

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