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How did COVID 19 change our very lifestyle?

How Did COVID 19 Change Our Very Lifestyle?

Lifestyle embodies not just habits related to diet, work, sleep pattern or style preferences, but also attitudes and perspectives as well.

And boy, did it take a dramatic twist when COVID-19 set in!

The planet turned upside-down in a matter of months. And more importantly, NEITHER THE EAST NOR THE WEST was equipped to deal with such a crisis on a long-term basis.

Suddenly, Life came down to just ‘living in the moment’. No one ever knew who would be alive and well the next day, or the next month!

I, for one, began to appreciate life for what it is.

Not for the have-nots, but for the haves; in this case, being alive itself was a blessing, and just breathing – inhaling and exhaling seemed like a bonus!

There was no class discrimination in the affliction. The rich and the poor were equally struggling to find oygen masks and ventilators.

COVID 19 wasn’t restricted to slums and garbage piles; it affected even the cleanest of places, amongst the most hygienic, elite folks!

Men and women began to manage household chores TOGETHER, balancing between career and domestic chores within the confines of their dwellings. Workplace and home blended into one; boundaries between the two were shattered.

Austerity became a natural inclination. Almost without deliberation, people began to postpone or even do away with purchasing that fancy garment, flashy automobile or sprawling mansion.

Humble dwellings, modest dressings and convenient conveyance sufficed.

With immunity being in the spotlight, healthy diet, exercise, adequate sleep and meditation gained newfound prominence.

For me, COVID 19 was an eye-opener. How long would this apparent enlightenment last, remains to be seen.

But I really hope that even after everyone gets vaccinated and people cease being in the throes of death and disease, let it be reminisced that what we consider simple gifts of nature like air, water, food and countless other natural resources are indeed priceless and were we to live to enjoy these benefits alone, we ought to consider ourselves ‘rich and thriving’.

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